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What we do

We are a global leading oil and gas services provider, supplying customers with world class products and procurement services through the establishment of strategic alliances with international companies and
manufacturing plants. Our trading business consist of bulk trading of oil and gas products and commodities.

As clean energy service provider, we are mainly engaged in development, investment, construction and operation of distributed green energy such as solar; management and trading of electric power. We are backed by global energy partners, with an installed capacity of Solar energy that has exceeded 1GW.

Our Environmental Waste Management Services is provided in partnership with global leaders in the Waste Management domain.

In addition, we provide investment and project consulting, advocacy and goodwill ambassador services for investing in emerging markets such as Africa. We acts as an interface with multiple stakeholders: governments, businesses and organizations.

Oil tank in cargo service terminal
Wholesale Medical Supplies
Armored Vehicles - Suv, Cars And Trucks

DOV armored vehicles division is a leading provider of armored cars, SUV and trucks.

Danny O Ventures is pleased to partner with you in the procurement of armored vehicles that are customized for the specific needs of your institutions. In this effort, DOV will leverage its successful business collaboration with our partners to supply these vehicles for your needs.

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Medical Supply Services

DOV medical supply division is a leading provider of medical supplies.

As one of the largest distributor of wholesale medical supplies and equipment, DOV is ready to support you. Our products include high-quality national brands like Covidien, Clinton Industries, Bovie Medical, 3M Health Care,Halyard Health,American Diagnostic Corporation,Burton Medical,David Scott Company,Graham Medical,Welch Allyn,Graham-Field Health Products,Granny Jo Products,Green Roads,bHartmann,bHollister,bHomeCare EZ Access Products,Hydrofera®, IMAK, Invacare, iReliev, Janibel, J ohnson & Johnson, Karman Healthcare,Inc,Kendall, Kinesio – to name just a few.

We work with well-known global manufacturers that are highly trusted throughout the healthcare industry, thus, we offer our customers a vast array of their products and supplies to healthcare providers. We deliver exactly what our customers need, exactly how they choose, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

Our more than 200,000 products include personal protective equipment, Hospital Beds,diagnostic equipment, medical apparel,diabetic supplies, mobility products, nebulizers, surgical instruments, surgical mask, patients clothes. face masks, respiratory, medical Equipment, medical Gloves,patient lifts, point-of-care lab testing, advanced wound care, and pharmaceuticals.


Danny O Ventures LLC, started trading crude in the international market since 2010. We have since, added LNG in our portfolio.

With global head office in Houston, Texas USA, and a network team strategically located globally, we understand that every market is different. We work with our customers to identify and develop solutions which work best for them, helping them manage physical risk and opportunities.

We maintain interest in working with the new crude streams and producers anywhere in the world. To this end, we work closely with national oil companies from producing countries. These strong associations gives Danny O Ventures LLC requisite support and capability to market crude oil and LNG and own a few commodity allocations with partnerships.

The crude oil operation team at Danny O Ventures LLC, understands differences in crude API. It also assays and determined, yields of each type of crude. Our operation team recognizes that which markets consume with feedback.

We trade in the following:
Crude Oil, Bunny Light Crude, Bitumen, Gas Oil, LPG, Fuel Oil, LNG, Natural Gas, Iron Ore, Ethanol, Power, Alumina, Coal, Gold, Rough Diamonds.

Oil and Gas
Inspection and Monitoring
Environmental Waste Management

Waste management is best defined as the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of garbage, sewage, and other waste products and substances safely and efficiently in a sustainable manner

We provide sustainable energy and waste services and solutions, in partnership with our leading global partners who are leaders in the Environmental Waste Management domain. Using innovation and radical approach, we provide comprehensive integrated waste management services that range from collection and disposal to recycling and renewable energy generation. Our full range of services includes the list below

Oil and Gas Services

In addition to our Oil and Gas business, we provide investment and project consulting, advocacy and goodwill ambassador services for investing in emerging markets. We acts as an interface with multiple stakeholders: governments, businesses and organizations.

Our consultancy work scope focus on major sectors including:

Agricultural Solutions
Telecom Infrastructure
Green-house Projects
Infrastructure Projects
Solar Energy Projects